Today FON and ZON Netcabo, Portugal’s cable broadband leader, announced the launch of the ZON@FON Free WiFi Community, that will allow ZON’s 400.000 customers to be part of FON’s Community.

From launch, ZON@FON will be Portugal’s largest WiFi network, with over 2.500 hotspots, but thanks to this partnership we aim to add over 100.000 FONspots in the country. Zon will deploy routers with embedded ZON@FON functionality and allow its customers to host their own hotspot at no additional cost.

Of course this is great news for all Foneros, that will be able to access ZON@FON hotspots for free. Portugal may not be a large country, but it is an important tourist location in Europe, attracting thousands of people each year that will now have more chances to connect to the Internet while travelling, without incurring in costly roaming charges. Like any FONspot, ZON@FON hotspots will offer free access to the Internet to anybody for 15 minutes.

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sebastian on July 23, 2008  · 

are there any partnerships with german isps to announce, or something you can already tell us? im still whishfully waiting ;).

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