I already blogged about the great time I had at Google Zeitgeist this year. Every year GZ gets better and better — hard for Nikesh and his team to top this year´s event– and this was partly thanks to the great Gala dinner on Monday.

While the sessions, speakers and panels during the day where more than stimulating and fun, the gala dinner was just amazingly organised. During dinner artists performed and all of them were incredibly talented: some of which you can see in the video my son Tom recorded. What do all of those artists have in common? YouTube made them famous – some of them have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of views on YouTube (Google bought Youtube for $1.65 billion –in shares– in October 2006).

Those are the artists which performed that night:
Beardyman (beatboxer from Brighton – viewed over 2.5million times on YouTube)
Billy Wingrove (UK´s top professional football freestyler – viewed over 7 million times)
Felix Zenger (beatboxer from Finland – viewed over 5 million times)
Flawless Street Dance (urban street dance team – viewed over 40.000 times)
Freestyle Skaters UK (as the name says: freestyle skaters)
Joss Loner (pianist and singer – the 10th most subscribed to German musician on YouTube)
Mehmet Kekec (combines street dancing with spinning balls)
Mia Rose (musician – 3rd largest following of musicians on YouTube of all times)
Nathan “Flutebox” Lee (beatboxing while playing the flute – viewed over 100.000 times)
Secret Wars – Grafitti Artists (a cross between a live art exhibition and a grafitti battle)
Vagabond Crew (breakdance – viewed over 10.000 times)
Yuri Lane (plays the Harmonica while beatboxing – over 13 million views)

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