Today I visited ArtParis. While not a fanatic I do collect art. ArtParis, like Arco in Madrid, is one of those large shows in which the world´s art galleries get together and show their latest acquisitions in the hope of selling some paintings. After watching the thousands of works brought by many galleries from around the world one thing stood up and that is how little artists or buyers of their work seem to care today about the problems of the world. The destruction of the planet, wars, poverty, sickness, were totally absent from the themes chosen by the artists represented at ArtParis. While art would be pretty unbearable if it ONLY focused on human failures. it is certainly running the risk of becoming irrelevant if none of it does. In any case here are some pictures of what I saw at the Grand Palais today. As I found most of the art boring I started taking pictures of the building itself, which is magnificent, and some people I liked.

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