I’m Pietro, I work with Martin and I’m guest blogging about this year’s Menorca TechTalk as Martin is very busy running the whole event. Guests spent four days in Martin’s farms in Menorca and had a great time. Yesterday there was a talk opened to the public, with entrepreneurs giving informal presentations on topics ranging from the state of the Internet in Japan to the differences between Europe and Silicon Valley when running a startup.

Joi Ito started with a speech about the Internet in Japan, where the mobile Internet is now growing faster then the Web. Japan is more advanced then Europe or the US but is moving towards a dangerous direction, with mobile operators controlling traffic and getting a huge cut on profits from Internet services running on their networks, thus disincentivating entrepreneurs and startups.

Jacob Hsu (CEO of Symbio) and Thomas Crampton (now based in China and working with Next Media) talked about the Internet in China. Thomas focused on what he called propaganda 2.0, while Jacob talked about the many opportunities in the country, especially for the companies that can build a good relationship with the government.

Andrew Mclaughlin (head of Global Public Policy at Google) followed with a speech on how he sees the Internet in Europe and underlined the danger of some recent EU’s directives extending old media regulations to the Internet. Micheal Wolf (former President of MTV Networks) gave a very interesting speach on the future of television, which in his vision will involve shorter formats and worldwide releases at the same time.

Marko Ahtisaari from Blyk gave us an update on how this ad-funded mobile operator is growing as a media company, offering users aged 16 – 24 free or very cheap mobile telephony while letting brands reach their users with very targeted messages and engage them in conversations.

The session ended with an improvised panel with Zaryn Dentzel, who moved from the US to Madrid to start Tuenti, now the biggest social network in Spain, Loic Le Meur, who moved from Paris to Silicon Valley to build his latest startup, Seesmic, and Ola Ahlvarsson who runs Result, helping other companies going international. Zaryn told us how moving to Spain proved to be a great opportunity, although he runs the company with an international team. Loic talked about the differences in starting a business in Silicon Valley, how some things are easier, like getting a meeting with a potential business partner, but some are harder, like finding engineers, as companies compete to attract the best talent. Ola gave a very interesting speech about the different kinds of entrepreneur, that he categorized into 6 models.

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