Yahoo is an amazing company, with tremendous products and enormous potential. But Yahoo has been poorly managed for years first by Terry Semel, an alien to the internet, and by Jerry Yang, who is a remarkable individual in many ways but as a returning CEO he is no Steve Jobs. Still Yahoo has half a billion unique users per month and outstanding products and services: Yahoo mail has more mail users than Gmail, Yahoo Messenger has more members than Google Talk, My Yahoo is the number one start up page in the world, Flickr is the best photo service and Yahoo has wonderful products in many niches. In my view, what Yahoo really needs is an amazing CEO who can change the perception that many people have of this great company. Here´s two people I know who I think could pull this off. One is Chad Hurley of Youtube and the other Niklas Zennstrom of Skype. If Yahoo managed to attract either one to run the company, I am convinced that they would in turn put together a remarkable management team around them and turn Yahoo around. Both have worked very well with partners in the past (Niklas and Janus, Chad and Steve) and these partnership seem to perform superbly on the internet, with Larry and Sergey being the leading one.

I would like to clarify that neither Chad nor Niklas have told me they would be interested in running Yahoo and they are both very busy and happy with their own projects. But I wanted to use them as an example of what Yahoo could try to do. A committed board could at least try to recruit them or the very few people of their caliber that exist in the world and built a new and great management team to run the company.

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XL on May 5, 2008  · 

Nicklas has been fired from Skype. E-bay had taken this decission because he had very poor results managing Skype.

So why do you thing he could be a great CEO for Yahoo?? (I’m not ironic I’m really interested what Niklas can offer to Yahoo)

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Antoin O Lachtnain on May 6, 2008  · 

Yahoo needs to be led, not managed. This is moses and egypt type stuff.

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Esteban on May 16, 2008  · 


Could you comment about these days saga between C. Icahn against the Yahoo board?.

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Martin Varsavsky on May 16, 2008  · 

Icahn bought a lot of shares betting that Microsoft will come back. But they may not.

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