Daniel Alvarez Perez, a Fonero from Spain, sent me these provocative images that illustrate what cutting the cord or making an effective connection can mean. To me these images explain Fon in a better way than some long text in our web site. This is why I think that there is something flawed in the super successful Google AdSense and that is that Google AdSense abandons graphics. I think that even Google will rediscover a graphical way of advertising as I am convinced that it is for a reason why people like Daniel Alvarez Perez are called graphic artists: there is art in graphic design. Having said this I think European advertising in general is more pleasant to the eye than US advertising which is less graphic and more direct.

lifewifi2.jpg lifiombligo.jpg

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steven on March 31, 2008  · 

Very nice pictures!
I’ve put them on the Benelux blog as well 🙂

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