Twitxr is a project that started so Fon could have a Twitter like service but that really used bandwidth so we could showcase WiFi is taking off nicely. Fon Labs releases a lot of services but as far as I am concerned Twitxr is the one that I am most addicted to because I can combine text, a picture and geolocalization, post from any mobile phone with camera and email (it works best with the iPhone) and then automatically cross post in Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook.

Yesterday Victor and Albert Martin at Fon Labs made a new Twitxr release available.

The new iPhone app (now called Twitxr, here the details on how to install on your phone) lets you browse your friends’ pictures and updates, take a new picture or choose from one you have taken previously (using the default Photo app). This is great for those who prefer using WiFi to post their pictures: take a photo using the Photo app when you don’t have coverage and post it later with Twitxr. In the application preferences you can also choose to post lower resolution pictures, making it much faster to post via EDGE.

Twitxr now has a great mobile version to view your friend’s updates and upload your pictures from any web enabled mobile device (just point your browser to Posting via email has also been optimized and works on any device with email support (simply attach your picture and send it to Twitxr, here some detailed instructions).

The new Facebook app not only automatically saves your posts to your Photos on Facebook and shares them with your friends, it also displays a box in your profile with your latest Twitx and lets you see your friends’ posts on the application page.

A blog badge tool allows you to put the same box with your latest picture on your blog or Myspace or any other website, just copy and paste two lines of code.

You can now easily invite your friends on Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and MSN to join you on Twitxr, see your pictures and share their own.

Twitxr keeps posting your updates to Twitter and Flickr, meaning that you can have all your friends on these platforms see your pictures and read the messages you send using Twitxr. Integration with other popular platforms will keep coming. Send your suggestions to contact at

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