FON Facebook Status Updater is a new tool from FON labs that allows you to quickly and easily change your Facebook status directly from Google Talk. This tool, which is an idea of Nina Wiegand from Fon, makes updating your status much faster as it doesn’t require you to open a browser window and login to facebook, and even allows you to change your status using your mobile, wherever you are.

It works great on mobile phones using a Gtalk compatible client like Fring (for Symbian and Windows Mobile smartphones) or Nimbuzz (Java phones) or using the Google Talk application for BlackBerry.

facebook_gtalk.gifTo start updating your Facebook status from Gtalk you just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Add to your Gtalk contact list
  2. Type help in the chat window to receive instructions
  3. Get your identification code clicking on the link in the message
  4. Type “identify facebook code” in the chat window
  5. Type your status message in the chat window
  6. Click on the link to authorize the application to update your Facebook status in the future (this will be asked you just the first time).

From now on you can just type your status message in a chat window with and your Facebook status will get immediately updated.

At FON labs we work on the development of new FON products (like the Fonera 2.0) and tools for FON users (FON Connection Manager, Fonspot), but we also develop useful tools like Gspace (use Gmail to access your files everywhere), FON Backup (sync one of your computer folders with your Gspace account), FON GS (convert long URLs into short, easy-to-remember URLs), FON Uploader (import your old emails to your Gmail account), FON Wit (Skype add on that performs word searches when you pass the cursor over an unknown term) and now

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Fonero on January 14, 2008  · 

Fonera 2.0, when will she come into the shelves?

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Amy on January 31, 2008  · 

Well, I invited the email to my google talk, but she’s not showing up yet…. do I have to do something else?


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Gandhi on July 2, 2008  · 

I’m not sure this service is still running…
Is it Martin?

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