Some readers have asked me why FON was selling Foneras at the same price (39.95) in US and Europe, even if the exchange rate between dollar and euro is far from being 1. For a while we kept the same price, since there are costs and barriers in Europe that don’t exist in the US. Today, with the euro at 1.45, we decided to adjust the price of our Fonera according to the real value of the currencies.

Starting today, people in Europe will buy the Fonera for 29.95 euros (VAT included) + shipping costs, those in the US will pay 39.95 dollars + shipping costs.

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moufid on December 11, 2007  · 

Hi Martin,
Good initiative!
Steve Jobs should read this post or…maybe you should explain him the story about the exchange rate 😉

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Gustavo L on December 12, 2007  · 

On one hand I’m sure this is greatly appreciated by your Euro customers.
On the other hand I’m horrified that the Dollar and Euro are so far apart. Of course I’m saying that because I’m living in the San Francisco bay area where the cost of living is already through the roof and the USA dollar is so weak.
Sadly, this current administration has put the USA economy back at least 10 years from a monetary stand point and at least 20 years from a global diplomatic stance.
What scares me the most is that I believe 2008 economy is going to be a disaster in the USA. By the end of 2008 I believe many companies could be taken over by China, India and Euro based companies using their monopoly play money to buy global brands…. This will be great for other countries, but, the USA is in deep trouble. May be it’s time to move to South America before those currencies go through the roof.
*Of course, on Sunday I also saw the establishment of the El Banco del Sur which was signed by 6 Latin American presidents to get rid off the IMF dependency which is controlled by the USA.
* Talks about changing the per oil barrel tracking of the Dollar with the Euro
* Talks about China dumping the dollar.

My goodness… It’s getting ugly!!!

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Yves on December 12, 2007  · 


there is no other way to say it… You Rock! Most CEOs are short sighted, and look at short term profit… Great CEOs like you, get it … and stand out. Simple as that (…but not for everyone apparently). ( and i’m not a Fon shareholder)

and btw, inspiring conversation with loic at the Web3 this morning. thanks.

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Elliott on December 12, 2007  · 

Price in different geographic areas should not be based upon costs of products or currency rates. Rather, they should be based upon their perceived value in the particular market, which combined with flexible or inflexible demand results in a volume sold that yields the maximum profit consistent with achieving strategic goals, e.g., market penetration. Thus, if the demand in US is price insensitive, it may be good to implement price increase. If the US demand is price sensitive, a 33% increase might unacceptably reduce market penetration and even immediate profit contribution. My guess is that fonera is price insensitive to $10 will not deter purchases.

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Fred on December 13, 2007  · 

Hi Martin,what about the Fonera price with Fonero Get Fonero?

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Dave on March 16, 2008  · 

Maybe FON should buy routers made by Airlink101+, I’ve got about a dozen of those and have 1 wan + 4 lan ports, 4MB/16MB, and faster than La Fonera, dd-wrt compatible, and cost only $9.99US. They are sold on sale every other month at Fry’s Electronics Stores.

Why are you people even selling routers at $39 a pop. I’ve gotten about 3 of these for free after rebates.

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