CBS has just announced that the launch of its CBS Mobile Zone project to “Light Up Midtown Manhattan with Free Wireless Internet Access”. This is great news for WiFi and free access and for everyone with loves NY. FON was one of CBS’ partners to make this new project a reality. Other partners include the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and New York City Transit, as well as several next-generation companies including Tropos, BIG, Ning, Goowy, Veoh, Yelp, 1020, Aptilo and Can-Do Entertainment.

The “CBS Mobile Zone” or “Wi-Fi HotZone” is already up and running in certain areas in Midtown and will be fully operational by the end of the month with a footprint of more than 20 city blocks from Times Square to Central Park South and from 6th Avenue to 8th Avenue.

New Yorkers who access the “CBS Mobile Zone,” will be greeted by an ad-supported homepage that includes hyperlocal content such as breaking local and national news, sports highlights, weather reports, music discovery, wallpapers, ringtones, maps, a social network and the ability to search for nearby restaurants, shops and entertainment complete with geographically-targeted community reviews.

This is another great step forward for WiFi and for a city that I love!

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Gustavo L on November 18, 2007  · 


I saw this development earlier. Did not realize it was FON powered. You’ll probably be receiving a less than nice email from Starbcuks who offers WiFi access for a fee. There must be at least 30 stores in that vicinity. Again Congrats!!!

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Peter on November 20, 2007  · 

One sponanteous question…. Will “” enlight “Midtown” not only horizontally, but also vertically ? I.e. will 49th floor of e.g. “”Rockefeller Center” also get WiFi ? :))

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Jimbo P on August 25, 2008  · 

This cbsmobilezone thing doesn’t really work in the 50’s near 8th. Every 5-6 minutes I lose connection while on my laptop. I hope this is just a glitch in the system and not the way it’s going to be forever.

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