There are many music platforms which allow you to ban songs that you don´t like as they stream music to you.  In this way they learn how to make you a happy music listener.   I know that if Facebook or Myspace allowed people to ban ads they could not survive.  But isn´t it times that instead of Facebook getting trashed for invading people´s privacy to show ads that they allowed users to actually favor or reject a certain type of ads so long as they get ads?  I think there´s a tremendous opportunity in turning this problem around and instead of spying on people you allow them to speak up and profile themselves in a positive manner.  I would love to see a button that says, do not show this ad again.

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pepitogrillo on November 10, 2007  · 

¿por qué consideras que el contenido de este post no está al alcance de los hispanohablantes? ¿No nos afecta igual este problema?

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Aleyda on November 10, 2007  · 

Hello Martin! It is a great suggestion… social networks can “enhance” their ad service by adding a feedback mechanism.. besides rejecting the ads they should also enable a “rating” mechanism so we can review how useful the ad they publish according to our profile really is.

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Elena on November 10, 2007  · 

PepitoGrillo, no te pongas así. Hombre, no te enfades. 🙂
La respuesta es porque Facebook no tiene versión en español.

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Oliver Thylmann on November 11, 2007  · 

there has actually been much discussion about that by different people including ross mayfield and others. The problem most likely is that the ads world is still largely a wining and dining business and the sales people don’t want to loose their power. I had endless discussion with people why not create the entire ads system on a large platform on a performance basis and that would probably include stuff like you are talking about.

There is a lot of stuff you can do with statistics though, and there is very likely some movement going on there, especially because showing you an ad you don’t want to see is bad business 🙂

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Jaco on November 16, 2007  · 

Definitely yes!.

This (user centric) can apply to other fields… I developed a new business based on this concept of projecting the intention of the people/users, specifically to avoid property fraud:

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