Even if you don´t understand Japanese (I don´t) you can still look at this web site and see the ranking that shows that we are number one in the category of WiFi routers in Japan. This is AWESOME. Let´s keep praying! I also wanted to comment that this Saturday I will have dinner with Japan´s Finance Minister Mr Koji Omi in Madrid and learn more about the Japanese economy.

In this video I show how I use Ubuntu and some cool new social sites like Dopplr.

The FON Labs just released a very beta download that turns your Intel based Mac or your Linux based computer (Ubuntu for example) into a FONspot.

I have been testing this download and it is really fun to use. For example at Kinnernet, I made a lot of friends when their WiFi went down and the only available WiFi was the one coming out of my Mac that was receiving internet signal with a 3G card. So next time there’s rip off WiFi somewhere, or no WiFi, you can take out your laptop with your flat data plan and be nice (a Linus Fonero) or entrepreneurial (a Bill Fonero) and help others connect.

Om Malik covers the news here.

The reason we don´t have it for Windows or Vista is that Microsoft handles WiFi in a way that makes it hard for a laptop to shift from being a receiver of WiFi signal to being an emitter of WiFi signal. But if anyone knows how to do this for Windows pls contact me at martin@fon.es.

Meebo similar to the Fring on a PC idea that I had but without Skype, voice video, and file transfers it seems. Also it falls short of my other idea which was to visualize messenging platforms in a Second Life mode.

Fotolog´s founder Adam Seifer and its CEO John Borhwick came to see me. Can you believe that according to Alexa Fotolog has more visits than Flickr? The secret is scarcity. You can only upload one picture a day and that picture is so carefully chosen that a whole community is built around it. Amazing.

GML is part of the solution to my PST to Gmail question but I found it very difficult to use. I still think there needs to be a site in which you upload PST or Mbox files like you upload videos or pictures and that these show up in your Gmail or soon in Yahoo cause Yahoo will give unlimited email.

When two good friends of yours put on a show and is good, it’s worth publishing. Anil created Mobuzz out of a tiny studio in Madrid but he got over 4 million downloads last month. This is the story of how Mobuzz is produced.

Personally after having invested in Vpod, Joost, Sevenload I think that now what’s needed is content that is suitable for the internet. Mobuzz is of Youtube duration but of broadcast quality. And it’s fun!

I live in Madrid, but I have a home in Manhattan where I am a Time Warner Cable customer. At the time I chose Time Warner Cable for my internet service (I have Cable TV as well, but rarely watch TV) because of its speed, which is so much better than its DSL competitor. But now I have another reason to be their customer. FON just announced a partnership with Time Warner Cable.

Needless to say, I am so happy that FON, which is mostly an American funded company (US partners include Google, eBay and Sequoia), teamed up with a major US ISP partner. Outside of USA these partnerships had been easier to accomplish, but somehow in the States there was the misperception that FON was bad for broadband providers. It took us a while to explain that this was not the case. Fortunately, the folks at Time Warner Cable had the vision to see what many ISPs in Asia and Europe had already seen. Their view, and now Time Warner’s, is that by teaming up with FON they will sell more broadband at no additional cost to them. The key here is that with FON you can securely share some bandwidth and roam the world for free but only if you are first a broadband customer. FON is free sharing among those who have already paid for their broadband. If you are not a broadband customer, FON is the most affordable WiFi in the States at $3 per first day and $2 for any additional days. But it’s not free.

ISPs like FON because it makes their bandwidth proposition more appetizing since clients pay at home and get to roam for free. They also like FON because it reduces churn (main reason for churn is travel but if clients disconnect from home they don’t roam the world for free anymore). In other words, FON invented the “I am rarely at home still I pay for broadband cause I use it for free when I travel”. Furthermore, ISPs like what FON represents to they customers: “community” as many ISPs appear as cold, non-community oriented. Finally, FON share revenues with partner ISPs whenever non-Foneros connect to one of the parnter ISP customer’s FONspots. Thus, the ISPs also make additional revenue of their cable ends.

FON had already teamed up with other cable companies, for example, CNS — the largest cable operator in Taiwan. But launching big time in the States with Time Warner Cable is a dream come true for FON.

I would like to thank Andrew Rasiej and Ejovi Nuwere for coming to the first meeting with Time Warner Cable with me; Joanna Rees, CEO of FON USA, for closing this partnership; and a special thanks to Carl Rosetti and the rest of the Time Warner Cable team for having the vision to join FON.
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I have accumulated around 20 gigas of PST files. You know, the ones that Outlook uses, over the last 3 years. Now that I changed to Mac and Ubuntu I don´t have access to them. Also even if I can install this 20 gigas in Thunderbird it would slow everything down so I don´t work off my laptops anymore but work online.

In this sense Gmail has changed my computing style. I don´t use POP3 the way I used to. Now Gmail gets all my mail from Fon, filters the Spam and I get the mail from Gmail and after reading it, I erase everything cause I know it´s in Gmail. In this way my laptops stay fast. When I need to search I go to Gmail.
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Most people work with some messenger on. But, unfortunately, the world of messaging is as the telecom world when it started, not all phones could talk to all phones. Some start ups have tried to improve this. Fring in the mobile world, Trillian in the fixed world among others.
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I just saw this in Reddit as one of the most voted pieces of the day in the United States. Even though USA is a mostly a Christian nation I can see why this was so voted. I think that believers and non believers can agree that if we had never heard of the Bible and were introduced to Judaism or Christianity for the first time, the story of Jesus would be pretty hard to accept.

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