I have recently left Microsoft after being a customer since 1986. I am with Apple now. I left Microsoft for many reasons, but if I had to summarize them I would not say propensity to crash, but slowness.

We can argue about Apple’s design vs Microsoft’s design forever, but what we can’t argue with is that it takes much less time to start a Mac than a PC. Same to turn it off, which is something you just don’t need to do with a Mac. And, in general, everything you do on a Mac happens much faster. Now if slowness is the case with Windows on PCs, it is even more so with Windows Mobile on phones, as phones are something that we are not used to be patient with.
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Lately, we have been making so many ISP deals around the world that I lose track of them and find out about these agreements through the press by having a Google Alert on FON (as it is the case with this Swiss ISP this morning). An ISP deal means ISPs (DSL or Cable) who sell broadband and see teaming up with FON as a way to sell more broadband at no extra cost to them. In this case, I see it reported in the news but in a publication that I don’t have access to.
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In Forbes, an interesting perspective.

I am writing this post from the office of Francisco de la Torre, Malaga’s mayor, where we are about to announce that Malaga is becoming the world’s first FONero city (we already have FONero towns, but not a city of over half a million people). How does this work?
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I met Sanjit Biswas, the founder of Meraki, when he was a student at MIT and I was visiting Nicholas Negroponte. This was only last year which shows, among other things, a great side of USA and that is how fast somebody can go from being a super talented student to being CEO of a Sequoia funded company.
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At Kinnernet, Yossi Vardi’s build-as-you-go conference in Israel, I was thrown into a debate called Cellular vs WiFi. Coming from FON I could have raved about WiFi and spoken about the evils of cellular, or mobile as we say in Europe. But I didn’t. Let’s be honest. The mobile networks are amazing in many ways. Think about the database behind the GSM system, for example, a database that allows any mobile phone reach any fixed or mobile phone around the world. Also the investment that has gone into GSM/3G technology is extraordinary and as a result so is the choice of handset.
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Palm reading is out. Face reading is in. Ido at Kinnernet showed us the art of face reading. He says that Face Reading is a new technique to understand personality that blends Jewish and Chinese tradition. From what I understood, the face is divided into 3 main areas and 7 sectors and depending on what is more or less prominent you are said to have a certain type of personality. The forehead represents the thinking, the area between the eye brows and the mouth represents the motions and the mouth and chin represent the needs.

Kinnernet is a fantastic box of surprises. Amongst these is Michal Levy, a woman who besides playing the sax like a goddess also animates jazz music.

At Kinnernet I ran into Elad Barkan, a young PhD whose claim to fame is to have cracked the GSM encriptyon. In this video he tells about his feat. What is it about Israel that you so frequently run into amazing people like Elad?

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