The fonosfera team at FON has done an incredible job and just released the first official stable release of the Fonera 2.0 firmware. The codename for this release is Tantor the Elefont. Why you may ask? Because Tantor, like an elephant, is a rock solid firmware.

This release is the first of a new generation of Foneras, one that will let users manage their relationship with the Web 2.0, but also one totally open to developers. For Foneros the Fonera 2.0 will be a special router that not only allows them to make money and roam the world for free but also to manage their storage, backup, uploading and downloading activities, thanks to a USB port and a selection of plugins developed by the community. For developers it will be a chance to program their own applications for other Foneros out there, making use of the USB port and the open programming environment.

There are already several projects started to build support for 3G modems, Bluetooth dongles, home automation modules, Jamendo (the Creative Commons music service), advanced firewall controls, Vuze (the plugin the will let you download from bittorrent to a USB pendrive while your PC is off or you’re away with your laptop), a YouTube video uploader (that will let you upload videos plugging your camera to the USB port) and many others.

This new releases adds interesting features and fixes most of the known bugs. On the fonosfera blog you’ll find more details. Here is a list of what was added.

  • New interface for developers! Yes, we changed the look and feel a bit. Guys, you’re developers, not normal users, you need some distinction, don’t you? Check the new colours, ain’t them cool? And what’s that new image in the top left corner? Just for developers ;)
  • Translations and Automatic Language Detection. A small change that helps a lot! Our firmware comes out of the box with Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and… Basque! LOL!! Sorry, I needed a small wink to my mother language ;) Want to see it in other languages? Download the translation files from the svn and do the work! We will soon list what files need translation on the fonosfera wiki.
  • Sell passes, videos etc. Older versions (this was fixed in RC1) had problems with the whitelisting of some domains and not everything was working on the public side. Thanks for your reports!
  • New services added to the firewall for WAN access: you can now add ssh and web access from WAN. Now, forward the correct port of your broadband router to your fonera 2.0 and you can have full access to it from the Internet!
  • ssh access enabled by default: this is only for developers as well. You guys can’t complain!
  • Full integration with The fonera 2.0 can now be considered a fully functional fonera! You can manage your SSID, password etc from Only the bandwidth limitation is not working but will be fixed very soon, don’t panic! Anyway, why limit how much you share? ;D
  • We made tons of bugfixes as well, but why bother you listing them? You can check them on if you are interested.
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