Wael Ghonim over video at #TED. Before the Egyptian revolution everyone was scared except a few and those were beaten up.  We are not happy when we see some Egyptians eating trash while others steal millions. The Egyptian uprising started with a Facebook page honoring man tortured and killed by Mubarak. First demonstration was thousands of people in Alexandria, a silent stand. The regime attacked them regardless of how peaceful they were. But people kept protesting, and Tunisia came.  Wael was detained for 12 days, blindfolded, handcuffed, he says he does not want to talk about how he was treated.  I assume he was tortured.  Then he was let go and when he did he saw a changed world.  When he saw that he wrote “we are going to win because we don’t understand politics”.  We are going to win because we are willing to stand up for our dreams. Egyptians felt freedom approaching.  The power of the people is much stronger than people in power.

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