I’m glad to announce I have invested in Sonico, the fastest growing social network in Latin America and Brazil, with now more then 17 million users after less than a year from its launch. Sonico helps users connect with their real friends, share photos and videos and other information, with a focus on security and privacy.

Sonico announced today a $4.3 million Series A financing round, led by DN Capital and by investors such as Fabrice Grinda (founder of Aucland, Zingy.com and OLX), Alec Oxenford (DeRemate and OLX) and myself.

Rodrigo Teijeiro, Sonico’s founder and fellow from Argentine, is leading an amazing team of more then 90 people, that in the last few years have built great products like Flodeo or cumplealerta, and now Sonico, capable of attracting millions of users at a rate that only Facebook could match, although not in Latin America, where Sonico is generally growing faster, also competing with MySpace, Hi5 and Orkut. According to Comscore, in Argentina Sonico has more than six times the number of users Facebook has.

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