I just met with Micha Benoliel, the founder of Opengarden. If you have a rooted Android I recommend you try Opengarden. Opengarden is not your typical tethering app. Opengarden not only creates a hotspot out of your Android phone which is something that now most Androids do, but it also makes you a member of Opengarden allowing you to mesh. So for example if you find encrypted WiFi and you know the password you can mesh or act as a bridge and give WiFi to someone else (still not sure to how many others). Also you can have 3G and give WiFi to others and then another person can obtain this signal and grow the garden without being connected to 3G. I can see how this can be useful at conferences for example or places where many people are in one place. What I don’t share is Micha’s vision that this Opengarden can somehow be a permanent garden of smartphones always active. But I like the idea!

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