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Nigeria has 150 million people, 70 million are poor.  20% of all Africans are Nigerians.  There are the milenium development goals. MDG, 8 goals. First erradicate poverty, 2 universal primary educations, 3 gener equality, reduce child mortality, improving maternal health, combat hiv, aids, malaria, sustainable environment, lastly a global partnership for development.

in 2000 20% of children died in Nigeria before reaching 5 mostly of malaria. schoold had 100 kids in a class, half of Nigerians had no access to clean water, on top of this huge government corruption. In all this President Obasanjo got debt relief.  Saved $1bn per year and used it for MDG.  Amina Az Zubair was put in charge. She used that money to build results based partnership.  Great auditing job as there is tremendous corruption but she argues they succeeded mostly. That most help went to those who needed it.

Amina gives a great deal of statistics that show how infant mortality has fallen and goes MDG one by one and how they are addressing them in Nigeria, she paints an optimistic vision of what is going on in Nigeria but she recognizes that there are still a lot of goals not achieved.

She argues that corruption is on the decline, that democracy is strengthened and that Nigeria is on track to achieve MDG by 2015.

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