On December 5th, FON will be launched in France, during the “Les Blogs” conference hosted by Loïc Lemeur. I’m pleased to introduce to you Yann Mauchamp, who will be leading FON in France. Yann is currently the manager of OpenBC in France.

There’s a lot of interest in FON here in France. Mobile calling rates are even higher than in Spain. For example, a call using a pre-paid card costs 48c/min in Spain compared to 55c/min in France. Being a Linus and using your WiFiFON for free while at the same time enjoying free roaming all across France is very attractive for FON members in France. It looks like here, we’re also going to have more Linuses than Bills, but France is another country filled with Aliens, more than in Spain, and people who live in areas where there a lot of Aliens want to be Bills. Indeed, to have an antena directed towards the street or a hotel, to have 50% of your bandwidth reserved for you and to be able to charge each Alien who connects to your access point is very attractive for many here as well.

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