www.fon.com has gone live but is in Spanish. Sorry. It will soon be in English. Now if you know some Spanish you can already sign up for FON and download the software. It´s free. And there´s a link in the home page in Spanish to FON´s English blog.

I’m happy to announce that the FON blog is officially up and running. In this blog, FON members will be able to publish and share their thoughts. For those who want to publish something instantly, you can write whatever you want in the “Comments” section. If you want to publish a blog post, send your article to Mayte at mayte@fon.es. Mayte will publish as many articles as she can. The FON team will also be publishing stuff so we can all share new ideas and keep the conversation going.

Although it’s only been three weeks since FON has been open to the public and less than two months since I came up with the idea (Sep 5 to be exact), with this blog, I really feel FON has a life of its own now.

Español / English

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