Avian Flu is proving that blogs may provide adequate balance to global media coverage of important issues such as the Avian Flu. Initially, when global media was not covering the Avian Flu, news were appearing in many blogs as to the dangers that the disease posed to humans. Now that the national media and Bush himself has gone overboard with the dangers of the Avian Flu, blogs are toning the whole issue down and putting it into the right perspective.

The Avian flu is so far not that dangerous, because birds give it to birds, rarely to humans and when humans get it so far they don´t spread it to other humans. Now, if they did, the first and most important preventive measure will be isolation. If we all retreat to the privacy of our homes there will be a much lesser chance for the virus to spread. For those of us who, without the Avian flu, already spend a significant part of the day online, retreating to our homes won´t be hard. We will chat with our friends, use web cams, listen to music, watch movies, blog, etc. So long as we have the internet, seclusion won´t be too harsh. Now for those who are not active on the internet, isolation will be harder to put up with. I read somewhere that AIDS does not reach North African because Muslims, as opposed to Sub Saharans, practice circumcision. Maybe the same will be true for net surfers. We on the net will be fine in isolation, we will be the North Africans. Those off the net, the Sub Saharans, have a much greater probability of getting infected.

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