Moneytrackin’, created by Victor and Albert Martin, who work at Fon Labs in Barcelona and in which I am an investor, redesigned its brand and launched together with the successful existing features, a new online social network for people who want to do “social accounting” for common ventures like start ups, graduation trips, etc.

Below you can find the press realease with the new changes and features.

Thanks to the new website, users can continue to manage their personal accounts, but now with an easier and more usable interface, and they can also join the moneytrackin’ community. The community acts as a “wikipedia” for money saving, and its members manage all of the community tips by rating and classifying them, add personal tips to save money, upload their pictures and value the best tips which are included in a savings “Hall of Fame”.The new Community also offers a geolocalized tip sevice powered by Google Maps. This tool offers members local tips for saving money based on where they live. For example, they can check for the cheapest gas station in their city or town.

All of the tips are integrated into the personal accounting tool, and the system offers the information for saving money according to the member’s geographic location and the transactions included in the tool. For example, if the member has a monthly expense for the gym tracked in moneytrackin’, she will receive tips related to saving money in gym fees in her city or neighbourhood.

Moneytrackin’ aims to become the saving’s “Wikipedia” thanks to its new community generated input, offering this collective “savings” knowledge to people around the world.

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