Americans believe that the Chinese Comunist Party promotes piracy of American movies. I used to share that view until I met a Chinese friend of mine, who is a member of the Chinese Comunist Party (yes, and I also have friends who work for the Bush administration!). He gave me a very different view. My friend told me that the Chinese Comunist Party would love to succesfully combat piracy not to help Hollywood but to prevent America from conquering the minds and hearts of the average Chinese. American movies and TV shows, he argues, are incredibly efficient at making most Chinese like America, and if there was no piracy, few Chinese could afford to see them. So comunists and hollywood lawyers, UNITE!

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Antoin O Lachtnain on September 26, 2005  · 

The other reason that the Communistss would like to stop the flow of this material is that it would show that the Party, and not the Market was in control of the country. The only reason this stuff gets through is because people want to watch it. The only effect of making it illegal is to push up the price and drive out legitimate producers.

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DC on October 24, 2005  · 

I think we are missing the impact on China’s economy that “exported” pirated movies have.
Maybe the effect on chinese culture is high, but we should consider that in a globalized world that effect is in a certain point unavoidable.

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Anonymous on June 12, 2006  · 

maybe chinese piracy is not so bad as many america think

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