The Internet is going wild with formats that blend old media with new media. As I write this post I am watching the CNN/Youtube Democratic Debate in which people on the internet ask questions over Youtube. This is just brilliant for all involved and especially a coup for Youtube.

There´s another format that is making it big on the Internet and is Blogtalkradio. Blogtalkradio is a new way of expression that blends radio, VOIP, telephony, and blogging. This new venture is the creation of Alan Levy, my friend and former partner and it has already gathered significant momentum with many top bloggers and non bloggers holding their live sessions at the site. And probably what is most important about Blogtalkradio is that it has also become the long tail of talk radio (you too can be a Howard Stern…).

This Wednesday July 25th at 4pm EDT it´s my turn to try Blogtalkradio out. I hope my blog readers join the live show and call in with their questions.

Update: The conversation in Windows Media format or MP3 format

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Wessel on July 24, 2007  · 

4pm what time zone

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Alan Levy on July 24, 2007  · 

The live broadcast on Blogtalkradio will be aired on Wednesday July 25th 4:00PM EST. The archive of the broadcast can be found at the same URL.

Alan Levy

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