You know the story, you love a certain song, and years later you hear it in a commercial. Now the opposite is true. You can get to love a new song… in a commercial. Remember Are we not Men? We are Devo!? They are making a comeback and they just launched their new song in a Dell XPS commercial. Reasonable choice for everyone, Dell gets to show the thinnest laptop on the market in a cool way and Devo needs not to worry about downloading because they get paid upfront. And the song is good, I want to hear the rest though….

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RichardatDELL on July 23, 2007  · 

Glad you liked it …and thanks for sharing 🙂

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IRememberTheSeventies on August 3, 2007  · 

Hey, Dell. This commercial is uber-cool! It’s so slick and retro, it’s like you took a modern production crew back in time. Futuristic models+mechanic’s tools+computers=cool. I haven’t heard a Devo song in twenty years and the very minute I saw your commercial I said, ‘Hey, that sounds like Devo!’ Thanks for that.

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R to the D on August 3, 2007  · 

I friggin LOVE this commercial.

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Botolf on August 5, 2007  · 

Great commercial. Indeed the 80’s have returned with New Wave’s iconic band leading the way. The models are hot sporting black and white outfits and red is the only bright color in the mix. Just one thing that I find humorous….the engine they’re “building”. Dell is supposed to be flaunting their latest and greatest, most sophisticated computer yet so why are the models building an old push-rod engine? Are the producers of the commercial saying something or do they just hope no one will notice?

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RichardatDELL on August 6, 2007  · 

thanks for all the feedback Botolf, R to the D, and IRemembertheseventies

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anne on August 8, 2007  · 

love the commercial!! glad I bought a Dell twice now!!

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John on August 16, 2007  · 

WOW…. I’m not really a computer buff, or a t.v. buff, but this commercial caught my eye… way to go Dell! Always nice to see something new and creative. Keep up the good work!

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RichardatDELL on August 17, 2007  · 

Thanks John, we will work at keeping up the good work. appreciate your feedback

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Jaydog on November 16, 2007  · 

Botolf: so what if it’s an old-tech pushrod engine? The message I got from it is what a hot rod this new computer is….lots of power in a small package. I love this commercial.
Besides, the new pushrod Corvette Z06 puts out, what, 500 or 600 HP and over 20MPG?

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Botolf on January 13, 2008  · 

Jaydog, let it go. All I was saying is don’t tell me “advanced technology” and show me “old technology”.

BTW, its 505 bhp and the reported 26 mpg hwy is due to a combination of a 6 spd tranny, a drag cd of 0.31 and following Dodge’s example of shutting down half the engine while cruising.

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