But I was at an outstanding conference where unfortunately I was not allowed to blog. While I am sorry that blogging is not allowed I understand why the organizers would want it that way. But I do apologies to my readers. In any case here are some links about this conference.


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juergen on July 15, 2007  · 

Martin, I hope you enjoyed your bike ride on the beautiful hills. I’m looking forward to hear something about the next steps from FON … I’m sure you guys talked a lot about wifi (everywhere) access and FON could be an enabler for the related business e.g.. joost 🙂 Any new plans about cooperations with companies? best regards juergen

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Martin Varsavsky on July 15, 2007  · 

Yes Juergen, I certainly worked on Fon from many angles! I have things on the pipeline but can´t disclose them yet, sorry.

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olebole on July 16, 2007  · 

Martin, I have the feeling that you (and FON) move more and more away from the idea of having a “community” toward simple business.

One sees you meeting with the “Bills”, people having “big money”: they are mentioned in the german FON blog as “trendsetters”. But not really with “Linus”, people that live the community idea, like Torvalds, Raymond, Moglen, Stallmann.

At FON, you start to ask “Linus” people to convert into “Bill” by offering them money.

Stuff like the wifi-ads where not discussed within the “community” before you (YOU) decided them, and the discussion after your decision had a very poor quality (the german FON blogger even publicely threated people that took part in the Lake Demonstration).

If possible, can you make a statement how you feel the relation between “community” (and Linus) ideas and “money” (and Bill) ideas? In the “community” part, what do you think about the “Cathedral and the Bazaar” controversy?

Best regards,


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Kyo on July 17, 2007  · 

Hola Martin,

This part is disappointing: “Michael Dell, on a high-end road bike, beat Fon’s Martin Varsavsky and Google co-founder Sergey Brin to the top of a hill when they went cycling the other day.”

=> Time to improve your biking skills, or you will disappoint entrepreneurs from Argentina and Europe if you don’t beat Dell in terms of speed 🙂

More seriously, bravo to everyone participating in that event, especially to you, Niklas, Janus, Mike Volpi (Mike is American of course, but he is very Italian and “Japanized” by his background…) to represent “New Europe” within this elite media & hightech get-together – and I hope that the Americas, Asia and “the South” in general will be more represented in the coming years

Congrats again to you and to FON Team, and by advance, best greetings to the future mixed offsprings born out of FON-Mom (Dad?) and Skype, Joost…or Dell 🙂


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Martin Varsavsky on July 17, 2007  · 


It´s true, Michael got to the top first, but he had a 7kg bike and Sergey and 12kg bikes (at least that´s our excuse 😉

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Martin Varsavsky on July 18, 2007  · 

Olebole, I disagree with this and I think that Fon has now a great offer both for Bills and Linuses. But what is true is that Fon has decided to make it easier for people to make money with us and they do so showing ads.

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