In this video I explain why I prefer to live in Madrid and show my new Bionicon bike.

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jonathan on May 29, 2007  · 

Is there any news about the fonera 2.0 yet. I know it’s a bit of the subject but i’m very interested.

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Robert on May 29, 2007  · 

cool bike – so you got it now!
looking forward to the next bike ride in the ‘outskirts’ of Madrid

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Fabian on May 30, 2007  · 

That’s a nice piece of horse!
Last year, still living in Amsterdam, my GT Backwoods was stolen form the bicycle garage…with guard and cameras.
I used it for long time to ride around Villa General Belgrano and the “Altas Cumbres” she was my buddy in many, many trips to Cordoba.
Now is just too hot here to even try unless they come with AC.

Enjoy the roads while they have still no pavement in Spain…

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Henrik Ahlen on May 31, 2007  · 

I totally agree that biking is a quality of life!

I am so glad to live in Stockholm, where I can ride my bike all year round both between business meetings and for pleasure in the middle of the city. I feel sorry for all those that sit in their cars many hours per day.

But I wonder why the development of bike technology is so slow? The Bionic bike you show looks nice, but it is not ideal for city use. Why do bikes still have greasy chains and loose, insecure locks and lights? And why is it so hard to carry our laptop or other gear on your bike?

Someone should start over with a white paper and design a modern city bike for the 21st century.

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Fabian on May 31, 2007  · 

Here you go gave Martin the idea, now we’re gonna see him blogging about his new bike company.
Good stuff would that be…(first one for free for H. and me)

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Henrik Ahlen on June 1, 2007  · 

Well, nobody would be happier than me if Martin started a bike company, and I would love to help.

Imagine if bikes had developed as much as computers, whaqt would they look like today?
There is a growing global market for smarter bikes, I am just surprised that nobody realizes this.

I think the bike manufacturers are way too conservative, they think consumers just want the old type of bikes as cheap as possible. But with rising petrol prizes and growing environmental and pesonal health concerns, the potential market i huge!

It just needs innovationa and lots ov evangelism!

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Marcelo Levit on June 1, 2007  · 

Aprecio tu sencillez, y estoy seguro que te importan mas las bicis que los aviones, barcos u otras excentricidades.
Mi bici de $400 debe tener como 10 anios y me sigue brindando satisfacciones …

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Martin Varsavsky on June 1, 2007  · 


I do think that human traction has tremendous advantages among them to keep us fit and alive and it is true that bikes could still be much better. But so far, my Bionicon is the best I have found.

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Uri L. on June 2, 2007  · 

Interesting. Haifa has a somewhat similar scene of a nature ‘ring’ around a thriving city…

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Alberto Naranjo Galet on June 2, 2007  · 

Best videoblog video ever Martin.

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andres werner on June 5, 2007  · 

Podrías hacer un post sobre lo que es intentar andar en bicicleta en tu ciudad natal… si te acordás!

(translation: I’m prompting MV to post on the hazards of bike-riding in Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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Gilles Amsallem on June 8, 2007  · 

I haven’t see the video , but my eyes were attracted by the pic and typical colors of castilla colors and lanscaps . what a fantastic capture ..
You should see the small painting of Luis Marsan , name el camino …

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