Last night I had dinner at the Clinton Global Initative with Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Sergey and Larry are by now as famous as Batman and Robin were when I was a child. I say this knowing that googling Sergey and Larry gave me 770,000 results but googling Batman and Robin, 2 million (so they are still not as famous at Batman and Robin). In any case, for being less than half as famous as Batmand and Robin they don´t look it. They are two smart, curious, fun guys to be with who care little about fame or glory. Sergey and Larry are curious about everything. A detail. As we were having dinner a water accidentally fell on the tablecloth. Surprisingly the tablecloth did not absorbe the water. Water stayed in neatly mercury looking shaped drops. Immediately and in the middle of the conversation Sergey began experimenting with throwing new things at the tablecloth, red wine for example, and much to his surprise he saw that it also would look like red mercury over a flat surface: in nicely shaped drops. So as we spoke Sergey started blowing into the drops to send them Larry´s way. Larry found that funny and blew them back. At that point Larry said that he wondered if we could find any liquid that would not stay in drops. I looked around and saw a candle, I poured liquid wax on the table and said, blow on this. And he did, and the wax did adhere to the tablecloth.

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anyone on September 19, 2005  · 

… and?

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David Suh on September 23, 2005  · 

I enjoyed your liquid wax story…Since Sergey and Larry is so famous (770,000 results), it must be difficult to get in touch with them unless you are accomplished as yourself with powerful friends??

I have a simple product idea for google that will create enormous values to both google and their users. Because of they are smart and curious, it will take two words to trigger their minds to visualize its potential. Any ideas to approach Larry or Sergey?

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Jonathan Harford on December 12, 2005  · 

“In any case for being less than half as famous as Batmand and Robin they don´t look it.”

On the contrary. “Batmand” and “Robin” get less than 500 hits.

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Artem on December 12, 2005  · 

Any chance for a photo? 🙂

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Jonas on December 19, 2006  · 

I’m looking for the Molecular formula: Sb2O7Hg2. Density: 20/20. Purity: 99.99%. Color: Cherry red. Form: Liquid metal. Price: USD.180,000/kg

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