I have been getting comments that one of the negatives of switching to Ubuntu is that the Linux version of Skype is bad. Yes indeed, it´s bad. No SMS, no video, no other features. But help is on the way.. As for the other criticisms that you can´t have Picasa, Google Earth and other apps in Ubuntu I fixed all that with Automatix yesterday. It works great!

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freechelmi on May 9, 2007  · 

I think every Linux User Would boycott Skype if thay COuld, but it’s not easy to Make all the contacts switch to SIP .

Anyway, advocate for free software like Ubuntu as you do Martin and advocate for non OpenStandard communication software like Skype is incompatible …

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Jordi - FON on May 11, 2007  · 

Freechelmi, I have been involved in SIP R&D for many years and I am also a very pro-Open Source linux user but will not like anybody doing boycott to Skype. The reason is simple: SIP still has not been able to standarize critical things like NAT and Firewall traversal that in Skype work like a charm. I love an “live” SIP, but we need to make it more standarized than just the few RFCs and STUN/TURN or ICE that we have right now. I use Skype and like Skype because fullfills a communication need with a versatility that no other SIP Open Source client does; and I tell you I will be the happiest man if I see SIP issues been finally solved by an standard that all SIP community accepts. BTW Skype uses SIP for call termination 😉

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freechelmi on May 14, 2007  · 

ICE is enough I think , http tunnel is still missing though…

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