I recently had Howard Webster of Factory Publishing for an asado at my Madrid home and he showed me his new concept that blends comics, games and video clips. I thought it was awesome. Here´s a sample of his work. And here’s a preview of one of these blended genre creatures simply called Vietnam.

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Martin McCabe on May 2, 2007  · 

I’ve known Howard for years and have worked with him on the Jonas Moore project. If you take all of the elements individually (photography, video, animation and graphics) they are not necessarily new, though the techniques employed are utilise the very latest technology. It’s when you put all of these elements together and make them available on any platform (from mobile phones to digital cinema) and encourage users (or viewers) to get involved in the production, you start to realise that no-one else is doing this. He may be mad and the genre may never take off but I do think that he’s shaking the industry up a bit. Ad agencies are already worried about where their future lies. Once you start convincing big names like Triumph motorcycles to invest in user generated content, who knows where it might lead…

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Michael Regina on May 3, 2007  · 

Working with Howard on this project has been amazing. Howard has taken his ideas for http://www.jonasmoore.com and turned them into a reality. His enthusiasm for ‘The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore’ is easy to catch!

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Tim Haughton on May 3, 2007  · 

Howards mind is something not too dissimilar to a wet sponge – and each time he shakes his head his thought process spills out into a new pool of ideas and the Many Worlds of Jonas Moore is one of these – Just like Edward de Bono’s Mechanism of Mind – Jonas Moore is a pooling of ideas and i for one have bathed in its waters for some time and found many other like minded creatives sharing ideas and creating some very bizarre but interesting formats . . . i’m looking forward to Howard shaking his head once more . . .

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Ricardo on May 3, 2007  · 

Having worked in Advertising for long enough, Howard Webster is a breath of fresh air! He has finally made media fun for me again, by pushing the envelope and taking risks. This is the freshest Independent project I have worked on, with the potential of world domination, which makes a nice change for the little fish to finally be level with the big fish!

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