There are many services to help you discover music on the internet. I really got to appreciate Jamendo because it is the first site I see where musicians invite you to download their music for free. This is cool because with Jamendo I discover new music and don´t feel guilty downloading it. I say “don´t feel guilty” and not “commit a crime” because in Spain it is not illegal to download music and movies from the internet for personal use.

Now one thing Jamendo needs to improve is its music rating system. Yahoo Music is much better at that. So is Last FM. And Jamendo is more for people who are interested in new music rather than established music.

In a way Jamendo is like the open source movement, brought to the music world. We like that at Fon as we are also open source.

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lkratz on February 24, 2007  · 

Hi Martin !

Very proud you blog on Jamendo !

Yes, you’re right, there is huge margin of improvement in our recommendation algorythm 😉

Today, my favorite way to dig jamendo’s music is to listen the playlist of members.

It’s funny you write about Jamendo, I’ve a planned meeting with your FON team in Paris next wednesday.

All the best from Luxembourg.


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