I have been teaching at Instituto de Empresa for 10 years. I teach a class on entrepreneurship in the fall. During the last 10 I have seen Instituto de Empresa grow and grow, basically going the way of Spain. Spain was a somewhat successful country that over the last 10 years became the star performer of the large countries of Europe. ´

Instituto de Empresa was a somewhat succcessful school when I joined in 97 that went on to become a star performer in Europe and according to the Financial Times rankings now.…the world. The FT rankings show Instituto de Empresa as the best business school in Spain, the third best all over Europe and the 11th best in the world.

I am also happy to be on their advisory board and I would like to congratulate the IE community for the recognition of all the hard work involved in achieving excellence.

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jaaar on January 29, 2007  · 

me ha sorprendido gratamente ver más de una escuela española en los primeros puestos.

algo definitivamente está cambiando en españa

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