DLD sent me the first results of the “DLD Online Survey 2007”, a 228 expert survey about media, marketing and digital life.

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Thinking on the past year, DLDists consider that the most innovative entrepreneurs were Chad Hurley and Steve Chen (YouTube) (29%) and Steve Jones (Apple) (18%). Followed by Lars Hinrichs (openBC/XING) (4%), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google) (3%) and myself (FON) (3%).

They also believe that Google (35%), Apple (31%), YouTube (18%) and MySpace (2%) were the leading brands or companies of the year. And www.secondlife.com (12%), www.youtube.com (8%), www.wikipedia.org (6%), www.netvibes.com (5%) and www.xing.com (3%) the most fascinating sites

When they were asked about 2007´ trends they said only Apple has an outstanding rising star potential as a company (13%), although web communities and virtual worlds (11%) could also been stressed as possible “rising stars” of the year. The Venice Project (now renamed Joost) (15%), Netvibes and FON (11%), on the other hand, were distinguished as the websites/ companies very likely to have their breakthrough this year.

According to these opinions, the user generated content is expected to be “the topic of 2007“(88%), along with communities and social networks (86%) and online video content (82%).Topics referring to handling the diversity of data (e.g. upload all types of content in one platform) and advertising (e.g. mobile advertising, behavioral targeting) will have a place in the industry´ agenda too.

Finally, some trends about business and management. The Internet is perceived to be mostly an advertising platform (43%), rather than a transactions platform (36%) a paid content provider (15%). And creativity and people were distinguished as the areas a company should focus on in order to manage the major challenges of the future.

And guess what… the iPhone was marked out as the perfect mobile electronic device.

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Timo Heuer on January 27, 2007  · 

Thanks Martin. Posted also something about it in my weblog :-).

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Sabrina on January 30, 2007  · 

You Got It, Martin.
I am sure the chicas are impressed… 🙂

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Martin Varsavsky on January 31, 2007  · 

Chicas FONeras u mean 😉

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