Onavo just launched today. Onavo is an iPhone app that compresses the data that goes through your iPhone and shrinks your overall data usage. Onavo can compress data of many services/apps (like Facebook, Twitter, Google maps, web, e-mail and many others) to make your data plan last longer. Onavo is especially useful when you’re roaming, since data costs are still excessively high and Fon, while approaching 4 million hotspots, is still lacking in coverage.

If you think that you don’t need this app since you never roam you’d be surprised to find out that most “unlimited data” plans actually have limits. Onavo can also get more speed out of your connection when you are on EDGE by sending less data with more information. Onavo works as a background service, so once you install it you don’t have to worry about it again. Plus Onavo shows you how much data is being used by each app and how much you are saving. Android and iPad apps will come later on.

Here’s an interview with co-founder and CEO Guy Rosen on TechCrunch.

Disclosure: I’m an advisor to Onavo.


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Javier on April 30, 2011  · 

No funciona con Simyo. “We’re sorry, your operator is not supported”

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Martin Varsavsky on April 30, 2011  · 

it will work with more operators, right now it works with the official iphone operators only, it will also work on the ipad and Android

Roberto on April 30, 2011  · 

Interesting approach. But does not work for me on T-Mobile Germany (Could not install the certificate).

I guess there will be problems with Apple and with some carriers soon – definitely not sure if they obey all Apple rules with this app.

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Nick on May 1, 2011  · 

Does not work
“operator not supported”.
My operator is bt.
Trying to install from Menorca ,perhaps that is confusing things

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Nick on May 1, 2011  · 

Installed first time on Spanish mobile (movistar)
But still give message “operator not supported”
On British mobile which is bt. And when roaming(in Menorca ) uses movistar

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Nick on May 3, 2011  · 

Installed And working fine

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bernard on May 4, 2011  · 

Hola Martin,

As a mobile network engineer…I’m a little confused, and very curious.

From the little bit of information I could find from various sources, it seems like a proxying service, or some optimisation service, depending on the source.

How different is it from a service like Opera offers?

Curious and intrigued.


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