Fring has once more improved the mobile video calling world by introducing group video calling for Android and iPhone. If you have a WiFi connection (e.g. using a Fonera) or a fast 3G connection, you can make video calls with up to four friends simultaneously for free and see them all on one screen.  This is useful at a social level but also for people who are constantly on the move and need to hold frequent work-related meetings. Lately I am using video more and more at work and it is saving me a lot on air travel. It’s much more personal to have video calls than only hearing each other’s voices, and you avoid annoying things like people getting distracted or even walking out of the room during the conversation (really, that happens).

I’m very happy that my friend Avi Schechter and his team at Fring keep coming up with great innovations.

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Continuum on South Beach on May 2, 2011  · 

very cool, group video chat.
I love it, this is going to be the first app I buy once I get my new iphone 4.


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