The Japan launch went amazingly well. We will probably get 50,000 unique visitors to our site between last night and tonight. We already had 15K this morning and we have over 18K right now and it´s only 4pm here.


Continuing the FON tradition we did an office pool here in Japan. Its 500Y to participate, around 3 euros, and we had to predict the number of access points we will do in 5 days. I predicted 8000 access points, Alex –Regional Manager for FON Asia–, predicted 9000, and Junichi –CEO for FON Japan– only 3000 and he will probably have lost in 2 hours or so (sorry Junichi!). If we do 8000 in only 5 days it will be a record for FON, if we do 9000 as Alex said, or more, it will certainly be our world record.

But this makes sense cause Japan is the second largest broadband market in the world after the USA and we have not yet launched the FONero Promise in the USA. As of now we got orders for 2000 access points, but the shop only opened at 11am today.

I very much want to congratulate Joichi Ito, Junichi Fujimoto, Nina Nikkhou and the whole Japanese team.

But other than the remarkable job that the Japanese team did bringing top journalists to the press conference and bloggers and other internet personalities to the FON Party, what is truly incredible about FON is how people from all over the world seem to react exactly the same way about FON. The basic FON formula of starting with the FONero Promise (which we will do here for only 5 days) throwing a party for bloggers and press, announcing, having me blogging the whole thing and telling funny stories…WORKS AROUND THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!

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XL on December 5, 2006  · 

Y Kirai???
Te lo dejaste por el camino???

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Martin Varsavsky on December 6, 2006  · 

Kirai, es verdad!! No se, como yo no armo los equipos locales no se que pasó con él. Qué pena, porque a Kirai le hubiera encantado tanto la fiesta como ver que FON –que juntó 82 puntos de acceso en 7 meses– tuvo pedidos por mas de 4000 puntos de acceso solo hoy.

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Ben Forcevive on December 6, 2006  · 

Creo que en el fondo la gente reacciona de la misma manera porque a todos les importa la perspectiva personal (la posibilidad de acceder el internet porque compartes en casa) igual que la perspectiva general – que es construir una red inalámbrica por todas partes…

… por supuesto apoyado por una campana de marketing de puta madre y el esfuerzo del equipo :-).

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