When I read articles like this one on CNN arguing how Wikileaks is providing potential target lists to terrorists I worry.  Probably so do you.  But think about this.  It was so easy for all this information to leak out that we should all wonder how safe it was to begin with.  If Wikileaks, without any special spying skills, just being there to collect info, could get all this sensitive data, why couldn’t have Al Qaeda or any other of our enemies have done or do the same thing?  While we may object to the style of Wikileaks I have no doubt that thanks to Wikileaks, USA will completely rebuild the way it handles sensitive data and as a result the safety of the system will have been improved.  Wikileaks has the effect on security that hackers have on software development.  Wikileaks found simple bugs everywhere.  It is up to the people whose job is to make us safer to fix it.  Yes, granted, Wikileaks could have given all this info to the State Department and not publish it.  But sometimes it takes a shock like this for things to really change and what should be transparent be transparent and what should be classified be classified.

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Andreu on December 7, 2010  · 

Habría esperado de ti un juicio moral algo más profundo, en línea con tu estilo habitual. Ya sabemos que ahora esconderán mejor sus mentiras, la pena es que no aprendan de una vez que los ciudadanos no queremos que nuestros governantes mientan, ni a nosotros ni a los demás. Que el fin no justifica los medios, que a los únicos que protegen son a sí mismos…

Y por cierto, también habría esperado alguna declaración crítica sobre la persecución a la que están sometiendo a Wikileaks desde “el país de la libertad”. Siento un gran cariño por los USA, pero a veces sus actuaciones son vergonzosas.


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Miguel on December 7, 2010  · 

And what about amazon web services cutting down the service provided to wikileaks?
No comment…

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Federico el Sueco on December 14, 2010  · 

FT seems to agree with you:

“…. after a fortnight of revelations, WikiLeaks has revealed that, remarkably enough, the public position taken by the US on any given issue is usually the private position as well. There are plenty of cables yet to be released – and perhaps there are some bombshells still out there. But the documents published over the past fortnight have provided very little evidence of double-dealing or bad faith in US foreign policy. Conspiracy theorists all over the world must be deeply disappointed.”


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Reklam Ajansı on December 28, 2010  · 

Thanks for sharing. Read with interest. Thank you.

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