I wanted to apologize in my blog for the over 20,000 FONeros who are right now waiting for their Foneras. Tomorrow we start a shipment of the next 5000. Next week another 5000 and the week after the next 10,000. Again, my apologies, it is our objective to ship within 5 days in Europe and USA, but demand has been enormous lately and we had to rush and manufacture three times as many Foneras as we were planning to make between now and year end.

But pls do not send me any more e mails asking about your Fonera! Or at least let´s agree that if you don´t get it in 3 weeks then you send me one…

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ray mont on November 20, 2006  · 

What about a comment to all early fonereos who are waiting from the 19/9
and still did nog get any second email!


here the email to refresh your memory

Today we are launching La Fonera, the FON Community’s new Social Router. You will soon be receiving a new special offer to take it home. We wish to thank you for always believing in FON, so we will send you another e-mail to offer you La Fonera in a very special promotion (including a surprise). Just wait and you’ll be able to enjoy all the privileges you deserve!

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Henrik on November 21, 2006  · 

Agreed. 😀 But it’s like waiting for christmas as it was as a child… I love the moment unpackinbg new gadgets… so I’ very looking forward for my tiny LaFonera. But waiting is a good exercise for my patients 😉

And I whish you all the best for your children…

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Luca on November 21, 2006  · 

I quote Ray, I want the special offer as I’m an “old customer” as written in the first email: https://english.martinvarsavsky.net/fon/fon-to-raise-prices-for-foneras.html

In Italy 1000 foneras had been gifted: http://blog.fon.com/it/

I wait for the second email even if I don’t think it will arrive…

Best regards, Martin!

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juan on November 21, 2006  · 

Well quite strage,

I ordered my phonera two weeks ago, well before my dsl was activated becaused I thought it would take years to come in.

It was delivered in less than 10 working days… now I am waiting for my dsl with jazztel.

No complaints from me, rather the opposite. Great work.

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Dietmar Zlabinger on November 22, 2006  · 

Dear Martin,

I really appreciate that you are working hard to fulfill our orders, even when the router is for free – there is still some minimum expectation regarding service.
I do not know how you see things, but to me it appears that there is rather big mess regarding incomplete/missing logs, inconsistent location information (AP complains about undefined location while portal shows location on map, the map not showing the correct status and so on. Is that just “creative chaos” or not incompetence? I hope for the first; I really would like to fulfill my promise (to connect it to the net) but when I can not see what’s going on, and when I see how people post hacks (like the one using WDS to get access to the local LAN w/o authentication) I am not sure if I really should put my internet at risk. And I do not mention the group of those having problems with configuration – and getting no support at all.

Your visions are great, but what about reality?

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tiberiofonero on November 22, 2006  · 

Ok, thanks for inform us. I think i’m around the 20001st in the queue 🙁 anyway I believe in a thing called fonera:)
Best Regards,

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euronerd on November 23, 2006  · 

For the record: I second Ray Mont (the first comment). FON has a severe problem to keep its promises.
Painful to see how early adapters are treated, and nobody feels ashamed…

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MartinVarsavsky on November 24, 2006  · 

your certainly have earned the title of Fon´s number one troll, you come again and again to my blog and continue to trash Fon with generic statements like this one that are impossible to reply to and that consinsently ridicule the herculean effort being done by Fon employees.

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