Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the current President of Iran. Benjamin Netanyahu is the Prime Minister from Israel. Both leaders are disliked by many of their own citizens and people around the world. But then very much liked by some as well. What follows is a poll focused on their image outside of their countries. The question is which leader do you trust more or dislike least for the region.

Based on what you have seen on the press, blogs, TV… everything you know about these leaders, if you had to choose between them, who would you like more or dislike least?

Polldaddy seems to be working poorly right now but votes are being counted.

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Ouriel Ohayon on October 4, 2010  · 

i am shocked that such a poll is possible. There is absolutely no comparison whatsoever with an extremist lead who sends bloggers to jail for life and, who allows women to be beaten to death when they are suspected to cheat on their husband and that every single day claim the holocaust is a myst…with a controversial leader who is probably disliked but let voices talk.

I am even more shocked by the level of ignorance of people who can vote for Ahmadinejad and who really believe this man, can bring anything good to the world.

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Martin Varsavsky on October 4, 2010  · 

Ouriel, in my Spanish blog I already had this poll and a shocking 27% prefer Ahmadinejad in a blog with an author that everyone knows he is Jewish. Also a blog that is mostly read by people in technology. I share your feelings about Ahmadinejad but he must be doing something right PR wise if stealing an election and implementing a regime of terror at home and abroad is not enough for people to hate him. And it is hard to speak about antisemitism when we know that Islamophobia is as bad or worse a prejudice. I think Israel has not done a good job and does not do a good job explaining a lot of its policies. Moreover I think that Israel makes huge mistakes like invading Lebanon and Gaza that make people feel that while a democracy at home it is a dictator abroad. For most people it is hard to balance what Israel receives as aggression and what it gives back in aggression.

To me and to most it is clear that as inadequate and brutal some Israeli aggressions have been that they dwarf in comparison to what Ahmadinejad does and says through Hamas, Hezbollah and elsewhere directly or indirectly. But there is a significant minority, and rising minority who prefer him to Netanyahu.

Davide on October 4, 2010  · 

Well, I can’t vote for none of them. I agree with Ouriel’s comments, but if people know only half of what Israel did (and still does) to his neighbor people, I guess they would be in the same situation I am (concerning this poll).

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Guillermo on October 5, 2010  · 

I don’t understand why are you so Interested in such a poll. What conclusions will you obtain? Even if Netanyahu took 100% of votes, that would not make him a good person, only less evil than the other.

If I had to vote I would do it for Netanyahu, but I will not, as I still think that this poll is stupid (or maybe bad intentioned).

Sorry for my english.

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