Yesterday we launched in Hong Kong. First my apologies to the people of Hong Kong. I am really sorry I was not there for the FON party, but my wife is due any moment now and my fourth child should be born this week, so I could not attend. I hope you understand.

Second, I want to congratulate Yat Siu and his team. Guys you did an AMAZING job. Bravo! What follows are links to pictures of the event and news coverage. If you have any more links, please send them to me and I will publish them.

is the Media in a paparazzi like setting….

There was a strong media attention, mostly local news here:

Here reporters were honing in on the La Fonera

These are reporters photographing myself as I spoke through video..

General pictures of the actual FON Party is here

As of TODAY Fon is also available in Retail shops in all major
computer centers in HK

More news appear in our HK blog.

We launched FON in HK with basically over 30 launch partners which include Restaurant and Coffee Chains (with FON enabled of course) and also bundling and distribution partners (such as Fujitsu Laptop Computers).

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theo on November 17, 2006  · 

Hey Martin,
Congrats on Hong Kong. How many hotspots are there in hong kong now? What’s the target?


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FON HK on November 18, 2006  · 

As of yesterday we had 3,518 registered Foneros, our goal is to bring it to over 20,000.

More information on our Hong Kong strategy is available at and of course

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