Today we introduced a feature at FON by which people who have personalized their sign up pages appear in our maps as a green point with a white star in it. So, randomly, I went to Fon Maps looking for a FONero who had personalized his FON Sign Up Page, so when roaming linuses or aliens find his WiFi signal they learned about him/her.

Travelling the world in the Google Maps I ended up in London and found a white star at NEWINGTON CAUSEWAY 93, SE1 6, LONDON, UK, that corresponded to a FONero who has a fantastic blog with the funny name of Tummyrumble. Tummyrumble is a blog that with such curious articles as Horse radish rocks! and others, where you learn about good food and cooking. So while it is of course not a requirement of being a FONero to have a very interesting blog and want to share it with your neighbors, it is not a bad idea that if you do blog you tell anyone who sees your WiFi signal about your blog and you can even authorize your blog as a site that can be visited by anyone, not just FONeros. In this way you drive traffic to your blog and you also make yourself known in your neighborhood.

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Manne on October 31, 2006  · 

Fantastic. 🙂 Thanks for the kind words and an excellent service!

Make it a great day!

// Manne

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