In 3 days we have received over 5000 orders for Foneras from Germany and Austria. This is an enormous amount, much more than what we expected. We will be able to ship some of the Foneras next week, but not all. We apologize for the FONeros who will not receive their Foneras next week, they should get there before November 15th. We will ship on a first come first serve basis.

In any case we are extremely excited at FON about these results and want to thank all the enthusiastic new FONeros from these two countries and soon you will all have your Foneras. Please remember to connect them near an outside window.

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Bernard Leung on October 22, 2006  · 

Congratulations Martin!
I am looking forward to the launch of Fonera in Hong Kong

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Carlos on October 22, 2006  · 

Congratulations! I guess the free fonera strategy is working…

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Pierre Belanger on October 22, 2006  · 

Congratulations for your great work…

I’ve been waiting since months for an announcement in Canada. What about Canada? Are you scared of extreme cold weather? 😉 I worked for many ISPs in Quebec since 1995 and we’re hoping to see Fonera soon in Canada.

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Sascha on October 24, 2006  · 

Hope your social dream comes true. Your idea is great but the system is not yet save enough.
Please, please make sure that fon gets secured very soon or the project will fail in germany.
Here everybody is paranoid and it is likelky that most of the devices will end up hacked or locked in the drawer because people fear trouble with the police. If someone (must not be a fonero since accounts can easily be hacked by capturing packets) commits a crime using your ip the police will take all your computer equimnent and it’s up to you to proove that you are inncocent. Most people i know wouldn’t take that risk.

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Martin Varsavsky on October 24, 2006  · 


We are already very big in Germany and there is no reported incidents, no risk. We have amazing security measures interestingly, mostly developed by our programmers in Germany.

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