I just became a member of MP3tunes. I love the service. Basically, MP3tunes is like a Flickr for songs. With MP3tunes you post your songs on the internet and you stream them back when you want to listen to them. Why would you want to do this? Because you, like me, may have many more songs than memory in your devices. In my case it all started with the Nokia 770 tablet and its 512MB of memory vs my 33GB song collection.

Now the main problem of MP3tunes is something that the FON Liberator will solve and that is the cumbersome nature of massive music uploads. Massive music uploads or downloads, say uploading my 33gb music collection to MP3tunes for example, take forever. Say two full days. And who wants to be stuck to a connection with a laptop for 2 days? So the FON Liberator basically liberates you from tying up your laptop in this process. With the FON Liberator, which should be available at FON by January for around $85, you will basically stick your external hard drive or iPod to the Liberator (a FON social router who doubles up as a Linux mini computer WiFi media server) and tell the Liberator over the internet to send all your songs to MP3tunes, or your videos to You Tube, or manage your Torrents or any large upload and download and you will not need to be glued to your laptop.

We are now developing a cool web interface for massive uploaders/downloaders to decide what type of files and where they would like to upload/download. I see 2007 as the year in which the internet migrated to the pocket, WiFi became ubiquitous and devices will start using web storage in a massive way. What is now a geeky thing with less popular devices like the N770 will become massively deployed when handset makers launch most phones with WiFi (Nokia is already making around a million a month of these).

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s2b on October 4, 2006  · 

I agree. You should just need to carry external devices: display, sound, microphone, … And the minimun memory and CPU to move data from network to them. Maybe a 1 or 2 GB to pre-fetch issues.
Local storage is over. It is stupid to burn hundreds of CDs or DVDs with music/movies (legal or not). How many movies are played twice? How much time do you need to locate an album?
It is better on net. And you can reach it from anywhere.
Of course, your Internet access should not be pay-per-byte based. Fon is one solution.

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D on October 5, 2006  · 

Marktin – I fail to see the connection between your 512MB RAM on your laptop and the 33GB of diskspace needed for the music?

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Martin Varsavsky on October 6, 2006  · 


Basically, you upload your music from say your ipod to the internet locker of http://www.mp3tunes.com and say that is 33GB. Then when you stream your music to your mobile device when you want to listen to it so you can choose from 33GB of music and play it in a device with half a gig of memory

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luigi on October 6, 2006  · 

Today 240G HD costs ~$25 and prices are falling rapidly (you bet you will buy 500G in a less than a year) while very fast broadband connectivity, particularly wireless, is either not widely available or still quite expensive (I understand FON will help closing the gap). And BB connectivity price will hardly go below network maintenance costs.
In the short/medium term, I still see a lot of downloads (people still love to own their contents, yesterday CD/DVDs today MP3/video files,…), central local storage (at almost zero cost), in house distribution for multiple devices’ simultaneous playing (ex. wife watches a TV show on the living big flat TV screens while kids watch a cartoon on the playroom TVset) and transfer to portable players for playing away from home. For sure laptops look very ill suited to the purpose.

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jim.lib on October 6, 2006  · 

33GB… That’s much traffic. 😉 But the idea is very good.

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euronerd on October 6, 2006  · 

Somehow I don’t see reason for each and every individual to upload a personal music collection PHYSICALLY to a server/service like MP3tunes, and make all kinds of workarounds to be able to use the service…
It looks like a huge unwanted redundancy to me. I like music from the 60’s, but so do millions of people. Do we have to store the 60’s a million times over, or should we listen to a clever guy that lets us upload our LIST of favourite music, that can point to a stored-once physical record, that can be downloaded on demand.
Spare bandwidth, upload unique materials only.
You don’t upload copies of postcards to Flickr, do you?

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Martin Varsavsky on October 9, 2006  · 


The issue here is a legal one. Its the concept of the locker, your locker, your stuff. But in theory digital songs, movies could be stored in a way that saves space.

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