Tonight we saw The Messenger with @ninavarsavsky. We started watching it while sailing back to Sardinia after a failed attempt of crossing to Menorca. With over 20 kts straight against us we decided to fly back and have the crew choose a better day for the return. In the meantime, in rough seas, we turned the Mac on and started what we thought was a better choice to throwing up. And it was.

In spite of its meandering last third, The Messenger is a great movie. While war is at the center stage of this drama, it is not a war movie. The Messenger is a movie about how war impacts everyday life. The title refers to the job that the two main characters (played by Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson) are assigned to do. Their job is to communicate to the NOK (next of kin) that their loved one has died at war. The acting, directing, photography are superb. If there’s anything weak is the plot itself, but I watch films more for their special moments than their story as a whole and the dialogues are great.

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