I carry a Nexus One and a Blackberry Bold. The iPhone I mostly leave at home. It is too slow. If it was as fast as the iPad and it had multitasking I would probably take it instead of the Nexus One. But what defines what I take out with me in the end is the way information is input in the device. The iPad, the iPhone are spectator devices. People who have to frequently express their views prefer devices in which input is easier, like Blackberries.

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Julian Moreno Beltran on May 24, 2010  · 

Deberias de probar el teclado con Android 2.2, yo lo tengo ya y ha mejorado mucho. Saludos desde San Francisco

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Gitesh Khodiyar on May 24, 2010  · 

Have you looked at alternative android keyboards? For typing on a touch screen phone, you can’t beat swype: http://swypeinc.com/product.html. I can type single handedly and as quick as with a real keyboard after about a weeks use.

Take a look at the android vs iPhone video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTooBnKAdSw

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Martin Varsavsky on May 24, 2010  · 

Swypeinc says the keyboard is not available but i am intrigued

Pcasal on May 24, 2010  · 

El nexus one debería compararse con el Iphone 3gs. En tu video no queda claro cual modelo es. 3gs es notoriamente mas rápido que el 3g.

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Martin Varsavsky on May 24, 2010  · 

the comparison is made with the iPhone 3g not the 3GS because that’s the one i have

Gitesh Khodiyar on May 24, 2010  · 

My comment was to show an example of how innovative keyboards are making it easier to input text on mobile devices. Have a look at http://swypeinc.com/product.html. This wouldn’t be impossible to implement on an iPhone, also making input via an iPhone easier.

If you want to compare speed, take a a look at the Google keynote where android 2.2’s java speed was compared using the SunSpider java test, against apples current speediest mobile platform, the iPad (fast-forward to 17:22):


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Gitesh Khodiyar on June 16, 2010  · 

Swype is available for download, one day only tomorrow (17 June 2010).

More details here:


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paul savage on June 18, 2010  · 

Hi Martin, One interesting keyboard for the Nexus One (and other Android phones) is Swype . You can get a beta pass here : http://beta.swype.com/
To type you use finger traces, and the world fastest SMS typer used Swype to get his record.


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