Pivot shows the advantage that Microsoft may have as the underdog in search

http://getpivot.com/ presented at #TED

Nathan Myrvhold: awesome presentation about using lasers to kill mosquitos, they are about to zap them!

Nathan Myrvhold, at my company we invent for fun and profit, glad that fun comes first because profit has taken a long time.

Many #TED present ideas for USA that are common in Europe: wind energy, solar, and now Gary Lauder with roundabouts

http://yfrog.com/1e15876369j David Byrne presents theory that historically music composition is a function of venue/gadget.

David Byrne on stage at #TED as opposed to other musicians his voice is just like his singing.

Jane #TED designs games about real life problems like “World without oil”, “Global Extinction Awareness System”

Herodotus says games were invented to cope with famine, King said on one day you get to eat, another to play games.

gamers experience urgent optimism, social fabric, blissful productivity, epic meaning, gamers are super empowered hopeful individuals???

there are half a billion people in the planet who spend at least an hour playing games

American children spend as many hours going to school as they play gaming, around 10K hours between 6 til 18

Listening to Jane game designer http://bit.ly/cLvvVE describe an “epic win” and saying she wants to see this in real life

The best argument against nuclear energy is that it is used as an excuse by Iran and others for making nuclear weapons.

75% of TED audience favors more nuclear energy to fight climate change

New crime definition “crimes against nature”

TEDx open source TED in your city. TED gives rules and Brand.

Visit freetheslaves.net it explains the sad situation

America is still paying the price of the botched emancipation of 1865, 4m people dumped with no help #TED

Slavery globally is an estimated $40bn business

Most slaves become slaves after being offered fake jobs taken away and then they are imprisoned.

There are 27 million slaves in the world

Anonymous because none of us are as cruel as all of us

Christopher Moot Pole 4chan meme factory lol cats

99% of the #TED audience is in favor of gay marriage

Michael Sandel http://bit.ly/auYJbQ speaking at #TED about the ethics of Justice

Aristotle justice means giving people what they deserve

One of the problems of nuclear weapons is that over time many have been lost when planes carrying them fell into the ocean

For a world without nuclear weapons http://www.globalzero.org/

http://bit.ly/cbHrAE Valerie Plame Wilson outed CIA agent, USA and Russia have 96% of the world’s nuclear weapons #TED

Cheese commercial, unexpected ending #TED :)http://bit.ly/8k6pS9

Connections matter look at how thanks to them carbon can be graphite or diamond.

Cristakis #TED whether your friends know each other have to do with your genes, do you have generous social genes :)?

#TED fascinating work on how obesity is social by Nicholas Cristakis http://digg.com/u1N59N

http://digg.com/d11DUE2 argues that if commodity prices don’t rise it is hard to argue that we are running out of resources

Esther Pisani, condom use down among gay men in developed countries going down and infection up because of antiHIV drugs

Esther Pisani, condom use among sex workers is much higher than among the general population

#TED Esther Pisani to Pope, “if you think giving condoms makes people have sex look at me, I carry condoms and never get laid”

Sam Harris http://www.samharris.org/ #TED We have to admit that there are right and wrong answers in the domain of human flourishing.

Sam Harris, in most of USA it is legal for teachers to physically punish and kids at school.

Sam Harris #TED A rational approach to ethics “in talking about values we are talking about facts, facts ARE related to values”

Michael Specter, Sam Harris, Chris Anderson and many of the speakers at #TED speak against religion, in Europe we mostly ignore it

America is the most religious industralized nation but the most sucessful people in USA who I meet at conferences like TED are like him

Speaker at #TED is arguing that eating meat causes more emissions than transportation, true?

Michael Specter of #denialism we hate big pharma, but we love big placebo (herbs, homeopathy, suplements, etc)

heard at #TED everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I am sorry, they are not entitled to their own facts

At dinner last night Marissa Meyer of Google told me that Buzz targets organizations more than social networks. Makes sense.

Sheryl Crow says at #TED that she is dissapointed with Obama http://twitpic.com/12ibud

Jamie Oliver shows a picture of a king size coffin that is used to bury the obese at #TED

Jamie Oliver chef activist points out that we are the first generation to live less than our parents #TED

TED talks have been viewed 200 million times on Youtube, my youtube martinvars only 1 million 😉

Learning about Blippy the twitter for your credit card…not for me!

http://www.skeptic.com/ americans are believing people thus this magazine

Michael Shermer on how we are programmed to believe. Google him http://yfrog.us/ekfcfz

http://www.povertyactionlab.com/ remarkable work

We can use randomized controlled trials for not just to test medicines but for social problems.

When a politician speaks you have to know that in this world of deficits he will not have the $ to deliver. Cameron.

JFK “GDP measures everything except what makes life worthwhile”

David Cameron: the best way for people to cut energy consumption is to show them what their neighbors spend.

http://yfrog.com/3g1i3cj David Cameron conservative at #TED uses socialist fist and power to the people slogan

David Cameron: politics now is about how to make things better without spending more money, cause we dont have more money.

David Cameron at TED politics is like show biz with ugly people.

Gallup Poll: Americans who make less than 60K per year are unhappy. But those who make more and more r not proportionately happier.

Memories are the leftovers of experience

Daniel Kahneman people confuse experience with memory.

Keith Ferrazzi, a great way to connect to others is to be of service

How do children become suicide bombers? A documentary http://digg.com/u1Myfs Director speaking at TED now.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” Einstein

As a conference TED is an a great art gallery, Davos a museum. Both are relevant but TED has the new art.

If you care about getting followers watch this http://digg.com/d1t77t

Derek Siver followers are what transforms a lone nut into a leader, key is to treat your first followers as equals, they get you others

Jennifer McCrea, life itself is work in progress

Danny Sullivan at #TED explains how Flash is not “seen” by Google, when you use Flash add title tags

at #TED Suzie Katz when you take a picture think of the story behind the picture

#TED is like speed dating of the mind

Peugeot and American Movil launch first WiFi car with 3G to WiFi conversion built in http://bit.ly/9eLWN6

This is how TED University looks like http://yfrog.com/3ikmzj

Jessica Green at TED says that we spend 90% of our life indoors

Kevin Stone presented at #TED on biologic as opposed to bionic implants. Cows and pig knees on humans r coming.

#TED just heard Daniel Kraft speak on the future of medicine. I hope he is right.

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alan Levy on February 13, 2010  · 


Thanks for sharing. I thought that mosquito laser story was cool. Here is a Cinch Robert Scoble did from Ted – http://www.cinchcast.com/scobleizer/21801


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