Fon logoThe attention FON started receiving last year from mobile Telcos, is yet another proof of the important role of WiFi. Not only in the sphere of laptops and other home electronics, but also for gadgets on the go, such as mobile phones. This year we will get a bigger and bigger share of our users through mobile operators, and hence much more connections will be made through mobile devices.

Now, naturally people will want to connect seamlessly to WiFi, no matter the device. Therefore, we are happy to partner with Devicescape, to give our users an even better WiFi experience. Devicescape makes clients that you download on your phone or laptop, and whenever you click to connect to a FON signal, the client handles the login process for you, in the background.

devicescapeWithin the scope of the partnership, we are giving our FON users direct access to Devicescapes clients for free. In Germany, together with our partner, mobile operator E-Plus, we will give our users a unique FON branded client for Nokia phones, that we are currently developing together with Devicescape.

This year will be the year of mobile FON!

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Fabricio on January 30, 2010  · 

Does this have anything to do with the big order you got recently? Will something like this splash into the US any time soon? Congratulations…

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Jaimie on February 3, 2010  · 

Nice fon is still growing and I will be able to use my account on more place over the world, but it would also be nice if the Fonera 2.0N is working right. What are you going to do about the normal Fon users which are shutting down their signals because not everything is working right?

A router which doensn’t work right with the sip protocol anno 2010 is worthless.

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Henry on February 3, 2010  · 

I just watch your Youtube video “Fon, iPhone, Mobile Operators”.

I think I know where you a going with this. As someone who’s about to purchase a Fonera very shortly. I couldn’t help but think how useful it would be if there was an ‘App’ or feature for the Fonera that would allow the user to download a file to the Fonera router at home/work whilst on the move. Different to the already brilliant feature that allows you to download files with your computer turned off. THe difference being you can you don’t have to start the download from your computer that is locally connected to the Fonera.

For example, if I could remotely email a link to my Fonera and it would download that file to itself.

Alternatively one could use the iPhone/iPod Touch app Remote Tap or LogMeIn for iPhone to remotely log into a computer at home and then control the Fonera using these remote desktop applications. But that would mean leaving the computer on all day, not exactly energy efficient.

If I could sent or email a link to my Fonera router and it could download the file while I’m miles away in my phone or on another computer.

Maybe Fon could write an App or create that feature?

If this already exists, ignore my fantasy.


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NASER K K on February 6, 2010  · 

very good rate

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