2009 was a great year for Fon. We started with heavy losses, we cut costs, grew revenues and margins and ended the year as a profitable company. Our last month´s revenues were around $1M, up from $150K in January. Our losses in January were around $500K, last month we had a gain of $30K. As a result our stock options are now in the black. So in gratitude to all of those at Fon this year, we doubled the size of our stock option pool. Overall the mood was festive and we did what we love to do at Fon, a great fiesta. Here are some pictures that I took.

I would like to thank all of those who work for Fon, our investors, those who love those who work for Fon for putting up with us (including my wife Nina), and of course all the 800K foneros who share a little WiFi at home and roam the world for free. A toast to all of you!

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Frank Arrigazzi on December 4, 2009  · 

Congratulations, I wish you a great 2010 for FON.

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acrual on December 4, 2009  · 

Fon siempre me pareció muy buena idea, aunque de muy difícil implementación, por eso me impresiona verdaderamente que lo hayáis sacado adelante. Enhorabuena!

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Enrique Dubois on December 4, 2009  · 

Enhorabuena Martin 🙂 todo un ejemplo de constancia y tenacidad. !!

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