Does anyone know how we could port FON functionality say chillispot into a Symbian 3G/WiFi phone like the N80? If so please write to me. I see a great potential in taking the Fon Movement into mobile phones and have 3G to WiFi converters. Just look at the WiFi Alliance site and see how many gadgets have WiFi while there are almost no gadgets that are not phones with 3G.

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charlie on June 22, 2006  · 

martin, i posted some thoughts on this on my blog (i thought it was more appropriate to spread the discussion on my side as well)

here’s the link:

let me know more what you have in mind and i’ll see what’s possible.



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Dan on June 22, 2006  · 

No wifi enabled mobile devices are developed to be anything else but clients. I see your vision but I also remember trying to make an access point out of a pocket pc device. I would have been famous if would have succeded.

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Olivier on June 26, 2006  · 

WiFi phones will be Aliens:
WiFi phone owners could save a lot of money by connecting to the FON network for a small fee instead of using expensive 3G.
At the moment I don’t see WiFi phones sharing their 3G connection. Even laptops are rarely sharing their WiFi connection. Routers are made for sharing connections.

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ArnoK on June 26, 2006  · 

Probably the biggest challenge to make use of FON over a Symbian 3G Wifi Phone, will be that a 3G phone in general is provided with a subscription contract, i.e. subsidized from 300+ USD down to 1 USD, in conjunction with a 24-month contract ….

… as there are no “flat-rate” 3G contracts anywhere, there is no way of “sharing” FOC broadband capacity with others (for voice or other applications), without paying the bill yourself (!) … nobody’s willing to foot other’s parties bills in this context (?).

Using a 3G/WiFi phone over a WiFi infrastructure only, could be feasible, but this is just making use of the WiFi capability of the phone, like any other WiFi-enabled VoIP device, and with the current price-tags of (unsubsidized) 3G/WiFi devices hard to justify.

Mobile operators wanting to keep control of VoIP (i.e. ensuring their current business model) will make sure to deploy IMS to manage call control for converged communication services.

Siemens GSM Association – Crossing vendor boundaries: Siemens IP Multimedia Subsystem passes interoperability tests with flying colors

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Altan on June 27, 2006  · 

Maybe this is not exactly what you asked for, but I beleive it’s closely related.

Kyocera has a wifi router with an EVDO card. It would be great if you guys put FON into this kind of 3G/wifi routers.

Just a simple use case, one can leave this kind of device in his hotel room to share the connection with other guests.

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XceptiKo on June 27, 2006  · 


take a look to this url:

it is related with your 3G/WiFi router

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tigre on June 27, 2006  · 

Martin, are you meaning something like this:

Revolutionary Boingo Embedded Initiative Aimed at Hardware and Chipset Manufacturers;
Commercial Licensing Options for Wi-Fi Toolkit Also Available…

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