Fon is a download, but it´s a firmware download that works on very few routers currently available in the market. The problem is that around 90% of the people who download our software don´t seem to notice and seem to try to install our software in non compatible routers. We are about to change this and before we allow the download we will ask people if they have the right router. But even though we lose around 25 euros or dollars per router sold at this point we strongly recommend most but the techiest of foneros to avoid the download and just buy the plug and play router for 25 euros/dollars.

Now the good news is that we are up to 39,000 registered foneros now and that as we contact foneros who failed to download properly and explain many opt to get the router and we convert registered to active. There´s a very cool feature coming in 45 days and that is that our 3rd version of the firmware will have two SSIDs, this means that every Fon router will beam two networks, a Fon Private and a Fon Public so the two environments will be completely separate.

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Libo Cannici on May 25, 2006  · 

“will have to SSIDs” I guess you meant “will have two SSIDs”…
..And this is the best news ever !!

I am still waiting for WDS extensions, I can’t put the fon router closer to the windows without braking up with my girlfirend !


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Dravya on May 26, 2006  · 

This install issue is typical. You could easily solve it with a Windows installer instead (that’s what the 90% of people who download the wrong firmware expect and use…). The installer would recognize the router and install the right firmware if available.

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Martin Varsavsky on May 26, 2006  · 

Agreed Dravya ,

That´s what we are doing as well. There´s a lot of development work going on at Fon!!! We went from 3 people to 34 people in systems and


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